About Elements SFX

Elements Special Effects Ltd. was created in 1997 by Johnny Rafique and Nick Rideout. Our specific aim has always been to provide a dynamic, reliable, and safe Special Effects service for film and television. Our team remains committed to this aim with a new facility in Shepperton including design offices, comprehensive workshops, and an extensive inventory of SFX equipment.

Elements Special Effects has grown as all companies should, we now boast an incredibly skilled and diverse team capable of undertaking prop and model-making and physical effects including smoke, fire, rain, snow, wind, and pyrotechnics. Our engineering team also create amazing, high quality effects rigs and builds of all scales to meet the various and challenging requirements they undertake. These include motion control rigs, floor and ceiling collapses, and stunt rigs.

We have been fortunate to be involved with many brilliant productions. These range from films, televisions series, advertisements, British independent films, music videos, commercials, and live events. In 2021 we had the honour of receiving our first British Independent Film Awards nomination for The Electric Life of Louis Wain Shortly after followed by a Best Production Design Light Entertainment TV Programme British Film Designers Guild award for Sex Education.

We now have the luxury of training in-house the next generation of special effect technicians demonstrating our commitment to British film and television projects. By expanding our training programme, we will be able to deliver the high end and consistent special effects our clients have become accustomed to over the years.

The next chapter of Elements Special Effects will involve continuing to develop our green policy. Recycling our raw materials such as wood and metals will continue, benefiting our clients with reduced cost at point of sale and de-rig. Our investment into offsetting fuels and oils will continue as we source suppliers with these capabilities. Future upgrading of our workspace solar panel facility and all new vehicles to have EV technology will again help the environment in which we live, while bringing the cost of our services down.

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The Team

Nick Rideout

Nick Rideout

Nick co-founded Elements Special Effects in 1997 with Johnny Rafique.  Nick has been working in special effects since 1988 after leaving art school.  As managing director Nick oversees the entire company whilst still supervising and designing SFX for productions.

Johnny Rafique

Johnny Rafique

Johnny co-founded Elements Special Effects along with Nick Rideout in 1997. Johnny began his career in 1990 after finishing his BA in Fine Art at Exeter.  As managing director Johnny’s time is split between the operations of Elements along with supervising and designing SFX whilst being an on set presence.

Andy Collings

In Memory of Andy Collings

Andy worked alongside Johnny and Nick from the early 90s, becoming a valuable member of the Elements SFX team. In 2021, Andy was diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease. He continued with us for as long as he could, using his wealth of experience to train our junior crew. Sadly, later in that year, he lost his battle with the disease.

The laughter, professionalism, and courage he gave us throughout our life together will be missed, but never forgotten.

Donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.