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Elements Special Effects Ltd. was created in 1997 by Johnny Rafique and Nick Rideout. Their specific aim has always been to provide a dynamic, reliable and safe special effects service for film and television.

Now, as one of the leading special effects companies in London, we can offer a full range of effects including pyrotechnics, atmospherics, prop making and special engineering.

Film Festivals

Elements Special Effects has a full range of effects equipment to service all your project's needs as well as an extensive workshop based in West London.

Our crew are multi-skilled and come from a variety of different backgrounds including engineers, sculptors, designers and effects technicians. This collective of talent allows us to offer you solutions to all the demands that you may have for an effects department.

Johnny Rafique

Johnny Rafique

Johnny co-founded Elements Special Effects along with Nick Rideout in 1997. Johnny began his career in 1990 after finishing his BA in Fine Art at Exeter.  As managing director Johnny’s time is split between the operations of Elements along with supervising and designing SFX whilst being an on set presence.

Nick Rideout

Nick Rideout

Nick co-founded Elements Special Effects in 1997 with Johnny Rafique.  Nick has been working in special effects since 1988 after leaving art school.  As managing director Nick oversees the entire company whilst still supervising and designing SFX for productions.

Andy Collings

Andy started in the industry 1994 and joined Elements in 1998.  Andy is one of our most experienced floor supervisors having contributed to many productions both at Elements and for other SFX crews.

Alan Senior

Alan has been a member of the Elements FX team since 1998, having started in the industry in 1972.  Alan is our most senior supervisor and oversees both workshop activities and productions on set.

Massimo Vico

Massimo is a very experienced floor supervisor who joined Elements in 2015 at the same time as his son Dan.  He's worked in the industry for many years in the UK, and before that in South Africa.

Dan Vico

Dan is a senior technician and has worked with Elements since 2015.  He’s normally found on set with his father Massimo and together they make a very effective team.

Chris Watson

Chris is the longest serving member of the team having joined Elements in 1997.  He continues to be an important crew member and divides his time between Elements and other SFX crews.

Jade Thompson

Jade is a junior technician and is the newest member of the team having joined Elements in 2019.

Destiny Trow

Destiny is a junior technician and joined Elements in 2018.

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