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January 2020

January 2020 News

2020 sees Elements Special Effects entering its 23rd year, yes that is correct Johnny Rafique has put up with me for that long!

Over the years Elements has contributed to some of the UK’s biggest independent films not to mention a huge amount of television hours. But how did it all start? I would love to say that after careful market research and thorough planning with our investors Elements FX was created, however the truth is that we rented a small metal walled stationary cupboard at the end of a corridor at the old BBC site on Gypsy Corner West London. We purchased a computer and fax machine (as all big businesses have those) and only then we started working out what we had to do. Somehow we managed to get our first job. Bobby Warrens, some of you will know took pity on us and commissioned a crushed car for Noel Edmonds House Party, I have looked on YouTube for footage but maybe thankfully it has been condemned to a forgotten VT vault.

But enough of this reminiscing it’s time to look forward, we have already been out this year for Netflix and Jack Whitehall with his live show at Wembley Arena and a stills shoot with Rankin Group, exploding champagne bottles.

Our year is shaping up well as we start work on an Apple TV project in February along with a Sky production, although they are shrouded in secrecy at this time.

2020 will be an interesting time for all of us in this industry as the platform-based companies will need a huge amount of content to fill demand. Hopefully this will lead to more diverse programming and scripts tackling all manner of subjects and time periods. As Elements Special Effects has so much grounding in television productions we are hoping that the skills we have learnt over the past 23 years will be put to great use by many projects.

This year also sees our company addressing environmental issues that all businesses should be tackling. During 2019 we engaged a more environmentally friendly energy supplier for our offices and workshop. They supply 100% renewable electricity and the gas we use is fully offset. We are using fuel cards with Ecopoint to supply fuel for our vehicles and generators and this again is an offset programme.

Like all SFX companies we use a lot of LPG gas on set for fire effects and explosions, to offset this we are using Carbon Footprint. They plant trees and contribute to green campaigns and like many companies we have a strict recycling programme at our workshops with a make do and mend or just use it again rule where we can.